In today’s day and age Wicca/Witchcraft still has a stigma attached to it. With so much information readily available there are infinite opinions on what Wicca/witchcraft really is, how it works and what it is really about.



If you’re just starting along your spiritual path this can be very daunting even scary at times. When you are seeking knowledge who should you believe? I will offer one sound piece of advice “Don’t believe everything that you read, but always follow your own institution”. If something feels wrong or that little voice inside your head is saying “No way”, then by all means listen. Here are some real facts about Wicca/witchcraft that may help you along your path to the universal truths and enlightenment.



1.    Wicca is a real religion. Wicca is a protected religion by the United States constitution. There are Wiccans that serve openly in the US military. There are many variations on how to practice Wicca. Wicca is an earth based religion. We believe in the elements, the god and goddess and different types of supernatural beings and so very much more.

2.    Wicca is a structured religion, but there are not extreme guidelines. Yes there are basic rules that most all Wiccans follow but nothing is truly etched in stone. Every person who practices Wicca has their own guidelines and rules as well as their own beliefs, customs, spell works, practices and divinities that they prefer to work with. As you continue your Wicca studies it is entirely up to you to decide what feels right to you and your true spiritual needs.

3.    Most Wiccans follow a moral and ethical code. If someone you know says that they are Wiccan, they follow the Wiccan Rede and they practice black magic. That statement is an oxymoron. When one practices black magic they work with entities that are dark and dangerous such as demons. When someone plays with black magic they can be pulled into the darkness before they even realize that they have been taken. Wicca mimics native American beliefs such as all living things are sacred.  In Wicca many believe in the Wiccan Rede. One line of the Wiccan read states “An ye harm none, Do what ye will. Most Wiccans do not cast spells that will harm another person.

4.    In Wicca is there an afterlife? Some Wiccans believe there is an afterlife some do not. Most Wiccans believe in reincarnation. Gerald Gardener wrote that the Summerland is a resting place for the souls until they are reborn. Within Wicca most believe that mediums and psychics can reach across the great divide and speak to our lost loved ones and other all-knowing and all seeing entities.

5.    If you decide that Wicca is where your spirituality lies it will be time to decide if you will live an open life as Wiccan or will you stay in the broom closet so to speak? You must keep in mind that there is still a plethora of close minded views on the Wiccan religion. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding to live an open honest and free wiccan lifestyle.


Am I financially independent? If your parents still pay your bills, then the answer is no. Will you be cut off emotionally and financially?  If your parents are practicing Christians this maybe the case. Always think before you act.


Can I lose my job? In most cases you shouldn’t but it is still very rough terrain for the average Wiccan. Ask yourself can I prove that I was fired because of my religious beliefs? If yes, then by all means come out. For most people that is not the case within their reality. It is up to the employee to provide proof or discrimination. Get proof if you go this route.

6.    Wiccans do not worship the devil. The devil is dark. The very belief of traditional Wicca is that of the light. In traditional Wicca there is no gray area. Many people assume Wiccans and Witches worship dark entities and will turn you into a toad or give you bad juju or cast a curse on you. Let’s say you have a ruler on a 12-inch scale One being those who worship Satan/The devil all the way to the end of the twelfth inch is where Wiccans would be listed. Wiccans do not worship dark entities or the devil.

7.    New witches should use others spells and rituals. Well the truth is yes and no. For many new witches it seems impossible for them to write their own rituals and spells. If you do not feel confident in writing your own spells or rituals, then you should find a ritual or spell in a book or online and make it your own. A very important aspect of becoming a witch is that you understand that you are capable, you can succeed at anything that you put your effort and spirit into. If something feels right to you but others say it is not right or won’t work then you should look at all of the aspects and then do what you feel is right. A great philosophy here is “To Thine own self be true”. You must feel at ease and focused not unsure and haphazard. Spirituality comes from within your magic comes from the powers that be and your determination comes from your strong heart. Never doubt yourself or your beliefs as these things make us tangible, they make us all eternal. They make us what we are.

8.    Should you do solitary worship and magic or would you be more comfortable in a coven? Are you more comfortable on your own? Does your magic feel stronger when your alone or is it intensified when there are others involved? For many joining a coven helps because they can finally be around others who share their path and have similar experiences and ideas as they do. For some it seems that the structure of a coven feels very inviting. For others joining a coven feels restricting and chaotic to them.  Only you can answer these questions for yourself.

9.    For many new practitioners of Wicca, they are under the misconception that they have to spend thousands of dollars on ritual and spell craft tools. This is simply not true. When you are just starting out you can use items from around your home. Please make sure to cleanse any tools that you decide to use. This will release any negative energies and will amplify your rituals or spells effectiveness. If you would like to simplify your spell and ritual craft, why not work with candle spells or sigil spells? Both can be easily concealed if you are not out yet. They also offer minimal material cost and can help you build your working knowledge of magic on a shoe string budget. 

Psychic Readings

What is a psychic?

A psychic has the ability to use divination tools to foresee the present as well as the past. They may use a crystal ball, past relatives, tarot cards and even bones. Psychics have the ability to foretell the future. They can give you a love reading or help you find spiritual insight. Most people have some type of psychic ability. For some people psychic abilities come natural to them for others they must practice to develop their third eye and intuition.

What does a psychic do?

A psychic has the ability to read peoples energy or aura, they may also be in contact with a past relative or someone who has passed on that was important to you. They can share messages from departed loved ones or details concerning things that may be pertinent to you. They may use tools to help them connect with the universal truths of the ethereal world.

How to get psychic reading done for you?

There are various ways that you can get a psychic reading done such as: Online, in person, on the phone etc. Each way can be accurate and fun. A psychic only needs a bit of general information to help you reach your path to enlightenment.

Is a psychic reading accurate?

For most people they are but for some it may be that they don’t understand the process. You must keep an open mind, let yourself relax and find the answers to the questions that you seek.

What type of questions should I ask?

You can ask any type of questions that you want to. You can ask about, relationships, love, money, children, the future, the past etc. There are psychic’s that specialize in certain aspects of the occult such as speaking to the dead, reading tea leaves, oracles.

What should I expect from a psychic?

A real psychic should be able to tell you detailed information about your life and your situation not just general information but information that pertains only to you. You should feel at ease with your psychic almost like an immediate connection. When you talk to a psychic you should make sure your mind is clear and focused on the task at hand.

How do I find good psychic?

I personally recommend only dealing with one psychic at a time. If you work with more than one psychic at a time the lines can be blurred and you can end up confused. You can look online and read testimonials as well as ask friends who they use.

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Is magic and witchcraft real?

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We get asked this question every single day and there is no right or wrong answer to this question. The simple things in life are filled with wonder and induce awe, if one will only open ones self-up to the world around us. I personally believe in magic, as my family has a long linage in witchcraft. Witchcraft and magic are a way of life for many individuals. Many have been persecuted for their beliefs. There are many forms of magic and many different ways to invoke change in the world around you. There is magic in every cultures ancient texts. Magic is different for everyone it means something different to each of us. My personal answer is yes magic is real. But magic is not for everyone. Some are more prone to search for answers.


I feel saddened for the people in this world that can’t feel the connection that illuminates within all things man, woman or child. I do believe for some, they must be seekers of knowledge and for others such as myself we were introduced from birth to a beautiful world filled with magical possibilities. Magic and witchcraft have been around since man first roamed the earth, since the stars began to shine, the universe is spectacular and infinite. Being skeptical is a part of human nature it is how we have survived many types of turmoil and disasters. I advise anyone who is a seeker to continue your quest. Being skeptical is a good thing, being closed off and boxed in is a different story entirely. Give yourself time, do your own research, ask millions of questions. Today when you have time, go to a secluded area and look around dowitchcraft magicn’t think just feel listen and learn. You should try meditating; it can let us release the stresses of the mundane world as well as help us reach new heights of conscious.

The universe has a way of speaking to us all on a level that we may not hear but we do understand. Think about life, contemplate everything. Magic opens many possibilities it enlightens and gives us a connection to a power that is higher than any that mankind has known. It is really up to you to draw your own conclusions. For the sake of skepticism please keep an open mind. In many ways in life we are all seekers of a greater knowledge and purpose.

How to Become a Wizard

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You will need to learn to focus your energy to your desired goals to obtain your desired results. You must know your own mind and become closer to the worlds around you. A wizard is possessed with the need to explore, to learn and to know that which is unknown and unseen. To become a wizard, you must pull back the veil and explore your own inner mind. Push forward and see what is the inherent truth of the mystery that is you. To have real magic powers you must search for knowledge. Many will try, but many will fail to heed the universal call to magic. A wizard’s power stems from knowing their own psyche. You will learn about yourself, hidden recesses of your mind have raw power and you will embark on a quest for self-discovery. Once you learn your own inner workings you will open the universe. What are your primal desires? Are you in touch with your emotions? Once you are one with your own being you will be able to bring out your own unique raw powers for magic.

become wizard real life

Many fellow wizards do not focus on right or wrong or black magic or white magic. They focus on the magic in general. To some wizards there is no concept of good nor evil. There are many who practice magic but do not have an open channel to their own mind. You must open your mind! Explore one’s self. Once you learn to harness your own will you will be able to perform glamour magic. Glamour is a form of magic that allows a wizard to change people’s perceptions, to persuade others to see and feel things the way you the wizard want them to. When you are first starting out it can be difficult but if you practice you can and will succeed. Upon meeting new people, you will be able to see their emotions and desires. Once you start to master glamour magic you can make others feel what you want them to feel. Once you have the ability to use glamour magic you will able to cause thoughts and emotions within other people. Glamour magic causes illusions as well such as a temporary visual change. It takes time to master the elements of glamour magic but once you obtain the ability to use it you will be unimaginably powerful. Wizards can also learn the ability to create shades. A shade is a shadow double of the wizard who controls it. Mentally the wizard gives the shadow a purpose and a minuscule thought process. Shadows can be very taxing on a wizard’s power but they offer even greater rewards. Once given a task a shadow will get the job done by any means necessary. Once you learn to harness your minds power the universe will be virtually unlocked. You will be bound only by own personal creed and there will be no limits to your raw power.

“Toluna Resolution”

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My resolution is to get on my feet financially, start a new job, get a car of my own, and just do whatever I want to have fun

There is magic and energy within every living thing. Magic lies within all lives and the oddity that is mankind. Many of us are guilty of not following our own given heritage or following our chosen path. We may get too busy or have to hide our beliefs.There are no rules along your path or boundaries that you must follow only the beliefs that you have. Did you know that you can use anything contained in nature as a charm or talisman? Today as I was in the beauty of the day I found an acorn and asked of the goddess to let me enchant this small piece of the earth. I charged it with a wish, my version of  a simple earth invocation which works very well.

As I held this small token of mother earth I could feel its power it shone and brightened at the touch of the streams of the sun light. With the spectrum of the rays of the sun I charge my charm with the power that I have sought. Everything that is around you right now has its very own energy, look around do you feel yourself being drawn to an object? Please stop reading for a moment and pick the object up. What do you feel? Now if you will say the words that are within your heart. Ask the god or goddess to invoke this charm. Do you feel the object responding?

Many of you will be taken back. Are you searching for an answer? Ask the powers that be for the want that you wish of them. Tell them the truth as they know what you are going to say, show them respect, show them what your very essence is made of.  The god and goddess know all, see all and are part of everything.Now invoke your charm keep it within your sight or within arms length of your touch for this whole day. Your charm will impart that of which you have asked if it is meant to be. If you have a book of shadows you may want to record your thoughts in your book of light. If you do not have a book of shadows of your own you should start one now. Your book of shadows can be as simple as your online blog or as intricate as a hand parchment book.

There are many witches and wizards that use a simple journal to impart the wisdom of the magic that lies within. Many of us do not have the time nor the supplies to do elaborate rituals daily but it can be a form of ritual to write your magic musings down every day. When you put the words of light down in cyber space or on paper you are doing magic in its most basic form. You must never forget that magic is neither here nor there, it is within you, around you, in front and behind, there is magic within all things and it is up to you the conjurer to bring it about. When the universe has reached out across the bounds of time and reached into the sorcerer/conjurer and made their will the will of the universe so mote it be. As you go about this day let the magic soar see with your 3rd eye feel within the depths of then and now and make each moment count.

Thank you Heath…

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Get The New Voodoo Formulas Now!

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